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The sheer audacity and creativity of Snoopy flying in space in his command module, for 14 seconds each revolution of the chronograph seconds, is brilliant. How did you come up with this?

The second thing I told my team — headed by Jean Pascal [Perret] and Gregory [Swift], who are great guys — is we have to do something more. We have to elevate the concept even further than what we already did for the 2015 45th-anniversary Silver Snoopy Award Speedmaster, which had the beautiful hand-carved Silver Snoopy medallion against a bed of aventurine on the caseback. If we don't, then we aren't going to do it. I prefer to be criticized for maybe going omega speedmaster replica too far, than not doing enough.

But I have to say, the team was aligned in agreement with this, and so, we started to conceptualize something far more ambitious than we had ever done. So what Gregory and Jean Pascal did was, they went to NASA to have a meeting with them and start to discuss ideas. And it was after the conversation replica omega speedmaster with them that we refined all the small details that made the watch so meaningful. For example, Snoopy is in his command service module, and he is flying precisely 14 seconds before he disappears from sight behind the moon.

The 14 seconds is, of course, related to the 14-second engine burn of Apollo 13, which inspired the words, “What can you do in 14 seconds?” on the dial of the 2015 Silver Snoopy omega replica watch. After this Snoopy disappears behind a photorealistic moon, which references the fact that Apollo 13 used the gravitational sinn replica pull of the moon and travelled around the dark side of the moon to slingshot themselves back to Earth. My philosophy — and the philosophy at Omega — is about creating all these small details that together add up to a watch that is so perfect and expresses all these things that we love about our history with the space program, and even human history.

What is the most important thing you think about when creating a new watch?

I always say, at Omega, we aren't making products. We are making watches that mean something. Watches whose intrinsic values are as important as their external value and any associated marketing.Breguet Replica Watches I think what gives us one big advantage at Omega is that we are all watch people. We all love what we do and we love watches. So when we made the effort to really grow the story of the Speedmaster, to really connect people emotionally to this icon, it came very naturally for us because we genuinely love this watch. We are not trying to come up with a clever marketing product that we want to convince people to buy.